--~~ Prowl ~~--
     Ruby wrapper for http://prowl.weks.net/.
     Written by August Lilleaas (http://august.lilleaas.net/).
     Note: `send` has been renamed to `add`.
     --~~ Installation ~~--
        gem install prowl
        gem install augustl-prowl --source=http://gems.github.com/
     Code available here: http://github.com/augustl/ruby-prowl/tree
     --~~ About ~~--
     Prowl rocks! It's a webapp and a iPhone app that works
     together and lets you send push notifications via HTTP
     to any iPhone that has the prowl app installed.
            :apikey => "api key abc123def456",
            :application => "World Saving Project Manager",
            :event => "Canceled",
            :description => "It sucked, so I canceled it. Sorry :("

      The user has given you its API key. That lets you
      send push notifications to the users iPhone, through
      the Prowl iPhone app.
      --~~ Usage ~~--
      Four required parameters:
          :apikey (string / array of strings)
          :application (string)
          :event (string)
          :description (string)
      You can use Prowl.add, or create instances of Prowl
      Prowl.add(:apikey => "123abc", :application => "Foo", ...)
      p = Prowl.new(:apikey => "apikey123abc", :application => "FooApp")
      p.add(:event => "It's valid", ...)